Wikimedia Armenia is a scientific and educational non-governmental organization, one of 39 regional organizations recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation.

The main goal of the organization is to encourage people around the world to collect, develop and disseminate educational materials and articles. Our visión is to make Armenia a center of equal educational opportunities.

Wikimedia Armenia was founded in 2013 and is engaged in the development and dissemination of Armenian-language wiki projects (Armenian Wikipedia, Western Armenian Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, etc.), as well as introducing Armenia in Wikipedias in other languages, introducing wiki technologies in educational institutions.

Wikimedia Armenia organizes scientific-educational, cultural-entertainment-public events, in which it involves hundreds of volunteers, thus “contributing to the activation of community life.

We carry out our activities through grants and donations. Our main sponsors are the Wikimedia Foundation (since 2013), the Galust Gulbenkian Foundation (2015-2020), the AGBU (2018-2019), Arthur Janibekyan (2013-2015), Arndane (since 2014), Vega (2017-2020), “Vaga Pharm” companies (from 2019), Tavush regional administration (from 2019).

Our partners are the National Library of Armenia, Yerevan State University after Valery Brusov, Eurasia International University, the Armenian Educational Institution, other educational institutions.

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