• Western Armenian Wikipedia

      The main purpose of the projects of the Western Armenian Wikipedia is to make the free encyclopedia more accessible to everyone and to write a wide range of quality articles, thus, making a major contribution in the revival of the Western Armenian.
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    • WikiCamps

      Since 2014 Wikimedia Armenia organizes WikiCamps for editors and new participants of different age groups, during which the participants try to have their contributions in Armenian Wikipedia and other wiki projects.
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    • WikiClubs

      Wikimedia Armenia creates WikiClubs in different communities of Armenia with the purpose of engaging schoolchildren in the editing process of Wikipedia. In their free time, WikiClub members have an opportunity to learn and edit Armenian articles with the help of their coordinator. The founding of WikiClubs is especially vital in villages where children do not have interesting occupations.
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    • Wikimedia Armenia

      The mission of "Wikimedia Armenia" Scientific-Educational Non-Governmental Organization is supporting knowledge and education in Armenia by creating and spreading free content and providing equal access to knowledge.
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