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Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums (for short GLAM), as well as many other cultural institutions, preserve public knowledge and information. Our goal is to make all this knowledge accessible in the digital world through Wikimedia projects.

What can Wikipedia gives to GLAM institutions?

Working with Wikipedia may allow GLAM institutions to.

  1. Create Armenian content on the Internet about GLAM and promote their expansion and translation,
  2. Increase the popularity and recognition on the Internet,
  3. Present the collections worldwide
  4. Preserve the cultural heritage in the digital world and transmit it to the future generations
  5. Expand the interaction of cultural heritage around the world
  6. Work with a global community of volunteers to share content through Wikimedia projects.

Each of these steps can support the work of the cultural organization by making them more popular, creating an opportunity for enrichment, sharing, and collection of new objects. Visitors from different countries have the chance to exchange, spread and use the cultural values in different ways.

Who are our collaborators?

You can find the list of collaborators of Wikimedia Armenia here; “Cultural institutions and organizations”․

Join the project, make the culture more accessible!